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Two brothers sharing the love for soul fulfilling food

At the age of 30, Chef Braggs has cooked in numerous Bar Area restaurants and is well versed in Italian, French, Caribbean, Latin, and California cuisine. His passionate relationship with food well makes him an expert in the kitchen, and his charming charisma translates well in the social atmosphere of the catering world. Chef Braggs has been a creative force his whole life and eventually found his calling in the culinary arts. As with any art form, the artist is reflected in the work he creates. Truly, one can see and taste the comfort, pride, and fun with which Chef Braggs approaches every dish.

Chef Tyranny has been a culinary force for over 25 years, starting his journey at the young age of 16, right out of high school. He became an assistant to World Renowned Chef Jackie Robert at the famous North Beach restaurant, Amilio’s. Upon graduating with an AA from San Francisco College Cooking School, Chef Tyranny has worked at a variety of high-end restaurants around the Bay Area. The serial entrepreneur began to establish many brands including Brother’s Cookin’, under the umbrella of Marketing Kings.

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